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Make the best of your existing resources by offering lab equipment access
and technical services to your colleagues, other academics and commercial customers.

Check out the new lab management system Bookkit which is connected to the Clustermarket marketplace.


lab management SYSTEM

Clustermarket is an all-in-one solution combining an online marketplace with Bookkit, an intelligent lab management system. Research facilities can connect to over 300 companies on the Clustermarket marketplace and offer lab equipment access and technical services. With Bookkit research facilities can manage all lab activities from equipment scheduling to booking to invoicing including POs.

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Research facilities have the opportunity to make the best of their existing resources by offering lab equipment access and technical services to your colleagues, other academics and commercial customers.

More industry engagement by promoting your resources to the Clustermarket community on the marketplace.

Streamlined processes keep admin work to a bare minimum. Contracting can be organised on the platform and Clustermarket takes care of invoicing, POs and prompt payments.

Bookkit is Clustermarket’s easy to use lab management system that helps to manage equipment and service bookings from students, researchers and technicians within your laboratory and university. It is free for academic institutions and is connected to Clustermarket’s online marketplace.

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- the online marketplace

The online marketplace of Clustermarket is designed to give research facilities the tools to promote their resources to other departments, external businesses, other universities or even international collaboration partners. The facilities decide if and when external parties can access and rent lab equipment or request their technical services. 




• Spend less time organising equipment access and technical service requests.

• Receive additional income to cover service contracts and maintenance costs.

Generate impact outside your organisation and get recognition from research funders.

• Keep your admin including POs, invoices and contracts to a bare minimum.


MANAGE YOUR LAB with bookkit

Bookkit is developed so that research facilities to manage equipment bookings, service requests and to keep an overview of all lab members, utilisation rate and much more.


booking & scheduling

Manage all your current lab users and invite new users. Assign roles such as technician, student and researcher to define lab users’ responsibilities and authorisations.
Control equipment access and availability for your lab members. Set time limitations for equipment bookings such as min./max. booking time, daily booking hours and approvals.

track & analyse

Have an overview of all equipment bookings and technical service orders in a single calendar. Charts and downloadable csv. files assist you with keeping track of equipment utilisation, lab members and income.

billing, contracting & legal framework

The streamlined process keeps admin work to a bare minimum. Billing and contracting can be organised on Bookkit.

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"The process was simple and effective, an experience I would like to duplicate to the X-ray facilities“

-Dr. Gary Parkinson, UCL School of Pharmacy




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