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Manage equipment and technical services in the most convenient and flexible way.


Online marketplace meets booking system


Clustermarket provides an all in one solution combining an online marketplace with an equipment database and a free internal booking system.

Make the best out of your existing resources by offering lab equipment and technical services within your institution, to academics and to industry.

    • Generate additional income by offering your facilities equipment and technical services to a large audience for free.
    • Generate impact outside your facility and benefit from the research funders' positive recognition.
    • Keep your admin work to a bare minimum, by letting the platform streamline the whole process and handle key administrative work such as contracts and collecting payments.

    Provide the full range of your available capabilities from giving direct access to the equipment in your facility to simple analysis of received samples from the customer to in depth interpretation of the research results, it is up to you!  


    Share equipment

    Clustermarket gives you full flexibility managing your scientific and engineering equipment.

    • Decide who can rent your equipment.
    • Determine the fee for colleagues, academia and industry.
    • Make add-ons such as training and safety inductions mandatory.
    • Set availability to control downtime or maintenance periods.

    Offer technical services

    Upload a detailed description of your service and all Clustermarket users have the opportunity to request a quote.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 16.13.52.png

    Minimise admin work

    Spend less time on admin work so you can focus on research.

    • Pre-negotiated contracts and terms which include IP protection and confidentiality agreements.
    • Payments are guaranteed and transferred on time. 
    • Automatically generated and standardised purchase order (PO) based on your quote.
    • Integrated booking calendar for an easy overview.
    • Reports keep track of your equipment utilisation and income.

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    "The process was simple and effective, an experience I would like to duplicate to the X-ray facilities“

    -Dr. Gary Parkinson, UCL School of Pharmacy