March 18, 2021

ISC3: A new way to share R&D equipment

A new way to share R&D equipment arrives in Brazil

Making science more accessible for all innovators.

The UK based start-up Clustermarket, the SENAI Innovation Institute for Biosynthetic and Fibers from SENAI CETIQT, SENAI Innovation Institute for Green Chemistry and ISC3 have just agreed on a joint project with the aim of increasing collaboration in scientific research and innovation in Brazil. By leveraging the worldwide used software developed by Clustermarket and the already existing lab infrastructure and equipment in Brazilian research institutions such as SENAI, this partnership has the goal to make these resources visible and readily available. All together, all parties will work to increase access to otherwise expensive and hidden lab resources for scientists and innovators across the country. Together with ISC3, the project is particularly focused on the Sustainable Chemistry field, which will be used as the pilot research field with more news to come in the next months! The project will offer knowledge, study cases and practical tools for better organising, sharing and advertising equipment and services at laboratories from universities and research institutes, making these more accessible to external users from the academic, industry and startup communities.

Read the full article here.

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