Looking for affordable office and lab space in London?

Join an exciting pool of talented scientists, designers and early-stage businesses in Shepherd's Bush Open Cell bio-space. Open Cell contains 20 containers for early-stage startups, 10 studio spaces and 10 fully equipped labs. The Open Cell aims to provide affordable lab and office space to create and foster an innovation-driven environment for the next generation of scientist-entrepreneurs.


20 full size containers are dedicated to small businesses and startups. We offer a 20ft container (~ 140 sq ft) fitted as an office/workspace with full access to our 10 container biolab to conduct experiments. A workspace is suitable for teams of up to four people. Each tenant will have additionally access to our Biomakespace, shared social spaces for socialising and the opportunity to arrange personal events on site.

The heart of the facility is a high-spec modular biolab. 10 containers are dedicated to a BSL1-2 space. A typical container (140 sq ft) will have a laminar air flow hood, microcentrifuge, thermocycler, ancillary equipment, bench space (~10 sq ft) and storage space. Key infrastructure items will be shared across containers and will include low temperature storage, autoclave, ultracentrifuge, microscopy. Consumables are the responsibility of the tenant. Access is reserved for tenants of the startup space. Each team member wishing to use the space will have an induction and access is provided by a key fob.