Made for scientists, engineers & innovators

made for scientists, engineers & innovators

The easy way to access and manage equipment and technical services.


Equipment and service platform

Clustermarket is building a world leading online equipment sharing and booking platform enabling and accelerating science. Clustermarket’s marketplace is giving scientists easy and affordable access to equipment and technical services in nearby institutions. Research facilities/labs have the opportunity to promote their resources to external businesses, colleagues or even international collaboration partners.  

For Companies

Book equipment and services from nearby institutions on demand and/or promote your technology to a larger audience.

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For Universities

Make the best use of your existing resources by sharing lab equipment and technical services with colleagues, academics and the industry.

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Bookkit is Clustermarket’s affordable and intuitive lab management system. It is connected to Clustermarket’s online marketplace, free of charge for academic institutions and easily integrated into every laboratory.

Bookkit is for all research facilities wanting to manage their equipment easily and efficiently.

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