Connect2Innovate Meetup in Oxford
Meet the Merck Accelerator Team


Merck Accelerator partners up with Clustermarket and the Science Entrepreneur Club to support innovative startups working on novel technologies related to the three fields of Clean Meat, Bio- Sensing & Interfaces and Liquid Biopsy Technologies under the theme of ‘Connect2Innovate’.

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Join us in Oxford to discuss with experts from Merck Group, local entrepreneurs and academics about the mega trends Clean Meat, Bio- Sensing & Interfaces or Liquid Biopsy Technologies. Listen to pitches from local startups that work on ground-breaking technologies and hear from experts what their potential is and when we can expect them to be available on the market.

If you are a startup in one of these innovation fields, meet us on our Connect2innovate Meetups and increase your chances of being one of the selected startups for the Pitch Night on the 18th of September. 

6.00-6.45 Registration and Networking 
6.45-7.00 Welcoming 
7.00-7.10 Local Partners: Panacea Stars and Start Codon
7.10-7.15 Startup Pitch: DECancer.AI
7.15-7.20 Startup Pitch: CanSense Ltd
7.20-8.00 Todays FireSide Chat is about Liquid Biopsy
- Mina Elisha Bekheet, Founder and CEO of Panacea Stars
- Peter Liu, CEO and Founder of DECancer.AI
- Adam Bryant, CEO and Founder of CanSense Ltd
- Felix Hendrich, Innovation Project Manager Liquid Biopsy at Merck Group
8.00-9.00 Networking

Our local partners:
-Panacea Stars