Meetup 1

Opportunities and challenges as a science entrepreneur

Clustermarket hosted the first Meet Up from its speaker series  "So you want to be a science entrepreneur..." on the 1st of March. Four leading experts out of academia, industry, venture capital and entrepreneurship with valuable experience in life-sciences discuss opportunities and challenges as a life-science entrepreneur.


John Hassard - The Entrepreneur

• Founder and CEO, Hassard Technologies BSC, Kingdom of Bahrain
• Founder and General Manager, Q Analytica LLC, State of Qatar
• Founder, Biotech tools company, deltaDOT ltd
• Founder, HydroVenturi Ltd, a tidal and low head hydro power company
• Founder, DUVAS Technologies Ltd, an air quality and pollution mitigation company


Roop Chandwani - The Industry Expert

• Over 10 years' experience in working at Board level managing risk in the life sciences and acquiring unique insights and knowledge into the challenges faced by companies in the sector.
• Mentors entrepreneurs, runs workshops
• Founded Aggio Partners in 2005 focusing on building high performing management teams in the global life sciences sector. Aggio's clients include Fortune 100 companies to innovative start-ups across the globe.


Renos Savva - The Academic Expert

• Programme director MSc Bio-business at Birkbeck
• Special adviser and mentor co-ordinator for Entrepreneurship in the Biosciences
• Young Biotechnology Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner
• Co-Founder of Damainex a drug discovery company with a reputation for speed and innovation built on an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery.


Giovanni Rizzo - The Allrounder

• Over 14 years of experience at management levels in Academia and Biotechnology industry.
• Successful IPO in 2012 as Laboratory Manager at Intercept Pharmaceuticals
• Founder of iDNA
• Experience at Index Ventures, a multi-stage international venture capital firm