What does Clustermarket do?


Clustermarket is an online sharing platform for scientists to list, discover and book equipment and services. These resources can be offered to external counterparties and be shared internally to allow a simple integration in the lab manager‘s daily tasks.



Why use Clustermarket?


As a provider:

Renting out equipment or offering services via Clustermarket gives you an additional source of income, proof that your assets are used efficiently for grant applications and a platform to market your services. Additionally, you can collaborate with innovative companies. You can easily manage your contracts and you are guaranteed to receive the full payment for the agreed performance.


As a customer:

Clustermarket provides you with access to state of the art equipment and top-notch services, you can save time, maintenance and high capital expenses. As a start-up, Clustermarket helps you to bridge the valley of death, while established businesses have the opportunity to spend their R&D budget more efficiently.



How does it work?


For equipment:

Provider and customer need to register to offer and book equipment. After selecting the preferred kit, the customer must decide when and for how long access to the equipment is required (or select the number of samples). As the next step, the provider can preapprove the booking by the customer. A preapproval allows the customer to access the equipment after the provider’s terms & conditions have been accepted and the payment has been made.


For services:

Provider and customer need to register to offer and book services. After selecting the preferred service, the customer can request a quote from the provider. As the next step, the provider creates a quote by using the platform tools and shares it with the customer who in return can accept the provider’s terms & conditions and pay the agreed amount.



How does Clustermarket differ from a listing directory?


On Clustermarket you do not need to call multiple contacts in order to find out the price and availability of the equipment. You neither must worry about negotiating, receiving the payment on time or whether the counter-party is trustworthy. Everything can be checked and done on the platform in a fast and secure way.



Who is Clustermarket for? Can I also register as a private individual?


Clustermarket is for a broad range of institutions and companies in the science industry from small start-ups/spin-outs to big established institutions such as universities and big pharma. The more diverse the marketplace becomes the more synergies can be created.

Private individuals are not permitted to register on Clustermarket. However, you can talk to your employer or research institution whether it is possible to set up an account or contact us directly at



What are the costs of joining Clustermarket?


Registering on Clustermarket is completely for free. There are also no fees for offering or requesting equipment and services.



Why and when do I need to register sub-accounts?


If you own a small company or institution, you most likely do not need any sub-accounts. Sub-accounts are useful for big institutions or companies with multiple departments that share among each other and with external counter-parties. In that case, the main account acts like an administrative entity that monitors the sub-accounts’ sharing activities and maintains contracts.



Why haven’t I received any emails?


Sometimes the automated emails can end up in your spam folder, therefore please check your spam folder first. If you cannot find them there either, please send an email at to make sure that you will receive them in future.



I forgot my password, how can I reset it?


Below the login credentials, you can click on “Did you forget your password?” The link will guide you through the process of resetting your password. As an alternative, you can contact



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