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OBN BioTuesday: 'What Did Genomics Ever Do For Us?'

The understanding and application of genomics is already changing the way that healthcare is delivered. Genomics knowledge also underpins developments in several other areas – forensics, consumer genomics (for health and fitness and ancestry), population genetics and synthetic biology. It’s clear that we have just skimmed the surface of what is possible.

There are rich possibilities to accelerate progress through cross-fertilisation between industry and academia and this is particularly true for the Oxford area.

Join us at The Sadler Building at The Oxford Science Park on Tuesday 26 June to learn more about the progress that has been achieved to date, where we are heading and the possibilities and challenges for the future application of genomics.

Similar to our other OBN events, our aim is to encourage networking and development of communications between all components of the Life Sciences sector. Building on this we would like to encourage bench scientists to attend the event. Both scientists within OBN membership companies and the OU are most welcome at no cost.

This OBN BioTuesday on 26 June, kindly hosted by The Oxford Science Park, will address this fascinating topic via short keynotes, presentation from others working in the space, followed up by some lively networking between guests on the day.