Besides our online marketplace we are committed to support entrepreneurship in science. This is why we founded the Science Entrepreneur Club and together with our partners we provide you with all essential resources to lead your venture to success.


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The Science Entrepreneur Club


Discover new innovations in our community

A pill for diagnosing microbiome-related diseases! BioMe Oxford Ltd is developing a capsule that collects a sample of the bacteria that live within yourself, which can be used to detect signs of intestinal diseases in an easy and affordable way.

Build your network

Through our  "Science Entrepreneur Club" - events we provide a fruitful basis to share knowledge, find potential partners and promote entrepreneurship.

1st meetup - March

2nd meetup - May

3rd meetup - June

Next meetup in November

Get accelerated

Our friends from IMAGINE IF! provide  the first truly global competition and accelerator program for science-based ventures.

The accelerator provides to early stage science startups extensive opportunities: mentorship, the potential to secure non-dilutive capital, free advice from leading professional services companies and rapid networking across the Innovation Forum platform.

Let's support

We are happy to support Findacure, a UK charity that builds a rare diseases community to drive research and develop treatments.

Because of their small patient populations, rare diseases are often assumed to be unimportant. This leads to a lack of support for patients and families, neglect by the medical profession, and little ongoing research into treatments.


Findacure is here to help. We empower rare disease patient groups through a series of training programmes, and encourage collaboration between rare disease stakeholders to advance research.

Our partners

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