Equipment booking software

American University of Beirut

“The KAS CRSL (aka The Core Lab) is a testimony to AUB's commitment in advancing science, technology, research, and innovation at the highest levels of quality and safety.”

About the Kamal A. Shair Central Research Science Laboratory at the American University of Beirut

The Kamal A. Shair Central Research Science Laboratory (KAS CRSL) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) is a five-million-dollar Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS) laboratory facility housing a multitude of multi-user equipment and facilities. The KAS CRSL is considered as the pride of FAS and AUB, as it serves research in most disciplines across AUB and constitutes a state-of-the-art platform essential for a thriving and progressive university research environment. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge technologies and facilities, training, and service that enables AUB faculty, their graduate students, and their collaborators whether from industry or other universities within Lebanon, the MENA region, or internationally to compete on the global scale.


Having multiple pieces of equipment as well as over 250 active users sharing said instruments made managing schedules and ensuring optimal equipment availability in the KAS CRSL very tricky. To improve the utilisation of their scientific equipment, minimise the admin work and to have a clear overview of who uses the equipment at given times, The Core Lab decided to implement an online booking system to manage their resources more efficiently.


After careful considerations, Dr. Rami Oweini, the director of KAS CRSL, opted to implement Clustermarket - a lab scheduling solution tailored for research labs that need to manage multiple pieces of instruments. Clustermarket helped the lab analyze and improve equipment utilisation and manage schedules for all their users as well as generating much needed usage reports and statistics. Along with easy implementation, Clustermarket with its very friendly and intuitive interface also came free with no hidden costs. Moreover, Clustermarket came with a very professional support system from its team, as well as being fully feature-packed especially with availability of SSO integration and ever development of its API have definitely made it the ultimate solution that The Core Lab was looking for.

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