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Biotarget Competition: Speeding up the race to beat cancer

It has been a bumpy ride for RNA interference-based therapeutics. The protein-silencing phenomenon that shot into the spotlight with its 2006 Nobel Prize fell (aptly) quiet thereafter, suffering clinical disappointments and losing high-profile backing. But it is back with a bang: the first RNAi drug was FDA approved in August and a number of Big Pharma companies are striking deals with developers. Does this mark a watershed moment for RNAi therapeutics?

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Scientists enter research collaboration to outsmart cancer

Cancer is a disease that afflicts an alarming number of people, with one in two being diagnosed with a type of cancer during their lifetime. The global cancer burden has risen to 18.1 million people in 2018, which makes cancer one of the leading causes of death worldwide. While clinical developments and advances in early detection and treatment have already changed the lives of many people suffering from this disease, there is still a tremendous need to develop new knowledge and make new breakthroughs in cancer drug discovery and development.

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Fetch.AI partners with Clustermarket to improve the allocation of scientific equipment across the UK

Fetch autonomous agents have been created to maximise asset utilisation and provide personalised predictions for Clustermarket’s users and providers.

Insert date September 2018, Cambridge, United Kingdom: Fetch.AI today announces that Clustermarket, an online sharing platform for scientific equipment and services, will deploy over 600 Fetch Autonomous Economic Agents. The agents will be deployed on Fetch.AI’s decentralised network but connected to Culstermarket’s online marketplace to improve how scientific equipment and services are booked and allocated across the UK.

Clustermarket is an online booking tool for basic and scarce scientific equipment and services that connects laboratories at institutions like Imperial College, UCL, King’s College and the University of Cambridge with scientists, companies and organisations that wish to use the machines or outsource experiments. The platform

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RebelBio partners with Clustermarket to support startups with state-of-the-art resources.

London, United Kingdom -- Clustermarket, the online sharing platform helping scientists, engineers and other technology pioneers to get easy and affordable access to equipment and services just announced a strategic partnership with RebelBio, the world's first early-stage life sciences accelerator with programmes in London and Cork. Clustermarket is providing companies backed by RebelBio access to the resources they need on demand with exclusive offers.

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UK’s first online marketplace for scientists breaks down barriers to entry for life science start-ups

For the first time , companies and scientists will be able to book expertise, lab space and equipment outside their institution via an online platform, creating a new dawn for independent life science research in the UK.

Clustermarket ( has launched in partnership with Merck Accelerator as the UK’s first online marketplace for scientists – enabling grassroots scientific research and ‘access for all’ in life sciences.

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New Platform Bridges Valley of Death for Life Science

A new online sharing platform for life science research just launched has attracted hundreds of life science entrepreneurs and has bridged the gap toward making the UK more competitive in terms of commercialisation of scientific research.

Clustermarket CEO Johannes Solzbach says while the UK makes claims to being a global leader in science and research, the country has failed to compete when it comes to commercialisation and his platform,, has set out to bridge this.

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