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Copy of Entrepreneurship starts with rejecting conventional thinking

This February and March, the SEC is looking at what impact human augmentation will have on the future of our physiology. We will explore the potential scientific, social and ethical implications of human augmentation through the lens of four different technologies including brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), bionics and prosthetics, neurotechnology and gene editing, and finally, bioprinting. But before looking at our first technology, we examine what human augmentation actually is, its origins and how close it is to commercialisation.

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Entrepreneurship starts with rejecting conventional thinking

I visited the Imperial College Incubator in White City, London, to talk with Steven O’Connell, the associate director and programme manager at RebelBio, a life science startup programme backed by VC firm SOSV. Steven completed an undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical biotechnology at the Cork Institute of Technology and a translational masters degree in Biotech and Business at University College Dublin before joining a startup called GlowDx, which was part of an early RebelBio cohort. From there he went on to join RebelBio as the programme manager and has helped nurture over 60 life science startups over 7 cohorts. We discussed RebelBio’s approach in selecting promising startups and how to maximise their chances of success, as well as how scientists should reject conventional thinking when approaching entrepreneurship.  

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Based in Cambridge, UK, yet listed on the USA’s Nasdaq Stock Exchange Market, the bio-pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals is aiming to become the worldwide leader in medical marijuana treatments. Founded in 1998 by Dr Geoffrey Guy and Dr Brian Whittle, GW initially focussed much of its pioneering research and development in symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. That same year, GW obtained a unique licence from the Home Office to cultivate Cannabis seeds on UK soil. By moving from London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) to the USA’s biotech-friendly Nasdaq market, GW quickly tapped into a burgeoning field of marijuana-mad investors at a time when American state laws were easing on the long-time locked-down cannabis drug. Valued today as a $4.5 billion company, and with share prices having risen from $8.90 to over $150 in just 5 years, GW has now grown to produce therapies for epilepsy and even carry out trials with cannabis-derived cancer drugs.

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