Clustermarket taps in to GE Healthcare Life Sciences customers to reach UK innovators


Clustermarket’s platform will allow owners of GE Healthcare Life Sciences instruments to hire out and maximise utilisation of high-end biotech technologies.

Clustermarket, the leading UK online scientific equipment sharing and booking platform, has enlisted the support of GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business in an agreement aimed at helping innovators in the UK access specialized life sciences and biotech equipment.

“The demand for state-of-the-art instruments among early-stage ventures is rising and our mission, with the support of GE, is to enable sourcing of such equipment and services to allow innovative companies such as MediSieve to thrive,” said Johannes Solzbach, Chief Executive Officer, Clustermarket.

Introducing GE customers to the Clustermarket platform has, for example, already enabled University College London spin-out MediSieve to access to GE’s specialised Biacore T200 installed at the National Physics Laboratory. The London-based startup’s magnetic blood filtration technology has the potential to transform the treatment of blood borne diseases, and access to the Biacore instrument allowed MediSieve to carry out critical work in the understanding of interactions between antibodies and their targets.



George Frodsham, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, MediSieve said: “The Biacore T200 surface plasmon resonance system has helped us to better understand the molecular interaction occurring between an antibody and its target enabling the development of our potentially life-changing technology to advance. Clustermarket has been invaluable from the beginning in sourcing the equipment and services we need to develop our technology.”

Conor McKechnie, Chief Marketing Officer, Life Sciences, GE Healthcare said: “It is great to see our instruments being used through such an innovative arrangement to support and advance science. In this instance, an early-stage, vibrant biotech start-up has been able to access technology that would otherwise be out of its reach, delivering a new and deeper insight to help advance its research.” 

By opening up access to such world-class technologies at leading UK universities and other facilities, this approach helps ensure that more government grant-funded equipment finds its way into the growing life science SME community, helping to accelerate research so that novel and potentially life-changing technologies are brought to market faster.

To further facilitate access to the right advanced technologies for the right science, GE and Clustermarket have deployed Fetch.AI’s Autonomous Economic Agents on the Clustermarket platform. Fetch agents provide personalised recommendations of specific equipment and services that may aid customers’ research based on previous requests. This helps life sciences companies find the assets they need whilst increasing bookings through the Clustermarket platform.

About Clustermarket:

Clustermarket is a London-based start-up building a world leading online equipment sharing and booking platform enabling and accelerating science. Clustermarket’s marketplace is giving scientists easy and affordable access to equipment and technical services. Research facilities/labs have the opportunity to promote their resources to external businesses, colleagues or even international collaboration partners. Clustermarket has also recently launched Bookkit, an integrated easy-to-use lab management system that helps to organise equipment and service bookings from students, researchers and technicians within the laboratory and university.

About GE Life Sciences:

GE Life Sciences delivers products, services and manufacturing solutions for drug discovery, the biopharmaceutical industry, and cellular and gene therapy technologies, so that scientists and specialists can discover new ways to predict, diagnose and treat disease. It also researches, manufactures and markets innovative imaging agents used during medical scanning procedures to highlight organs, tissue and functions inside the human body, to aid physicians in the early detection, diagnosis and management of disease through advanced in-vivo diagnostics.

About MediSieve:

MediSieve is a London-based start-up developing a novel treatment for blood-borne diseases called magnetic blood filtration. The technology targets and specific disease-causing elements in the blood, and physically extracts them from the patient's bloodstream. The process is similar to dialysis: a patient’s blood is continuously circulated through a disposable external blood loop containing a magnetic blood filter. Magnetic particles coated with antibodies bind to the targets, which are then captured and retained within the filter, while the rest of the blood returns to the patient unaffected. The technology can be used to remove practically anything – specific cells, toxins or pathogens – providing benefits to patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. Our first indications are sepsis, leukaemia and malaria.


Fetch.AI is based in Cambridge, UK with development talent across the globe. Fetch breathes life into machines, data, services and infrastructure with digital representatives called Autonomous Economic Agents™ that can trade autonomously and unsupervised. Fetch delivers a unique, decentralised digital world that adapts in real-time to enable effective, friction-free value exchange. Powered by innovations such as the world’s first Smart Ledger, Fetch has digital intelligence at its heart: delivering actionable predictions, instant trust information and enabling the construction of powerful collaborative models. With unrivalled performance and scalability, Fetch is the missing critical infrastructure for tomorrow’s digital economy.

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