UK’s first online marketplace for scientists breaks down barriers to entry for life science start-ups


For the first time , companies and scientists will be able to book expertise, lab space and equipment outside their institution via an online platform, creating a new dawn for independent life science research in the UK.

Clustermarket ( has launched in partnership with Merck Accelerator as the UK’s first online marketplace for scientists – enabling grassroots scientific research and ‘access for all’ in life sciences.

This new ‘science on demand’ online platform, inspired by the AirBnB model, now allows UK science administrators, experts and institutions to rent out their technologies (equipment, software), infrastructures and services direct to start-up companies and innovators – initially with a focus in life science.

As a result of Clustermarket platform, research and development in the life science industry will be more affordable and less time consuming – making it easier for start-ups to breakthrough with innovation and bridge  the ‘Valley of Death’ (a term traditionally coined because life science start-ups and scientists have found it difficult to initiate research due to the high associated costs, thereby hindering discovery).

Clustermarket co-founder and CEO Johannes Solzbach says:

“Before Clustermarket, a scientist who required a mass spectrometer (a piece of equipment most commonly used in life science research) would have had to pay up to half a million GPB on top of other equipment needed.

Through Clustermarket they now have access to this type of equipment on demand, thereby enabling more research and removing barriers to entry.

We are proud to be the frontrunners in the democratisation of scientific research, which traditionally has had its reins held by massive institutions and corporations.

By launching Clustermarket we have initiated change in the research process, making it faster and affordable, and creating a better outlook for all in the industry by providing a platform for collaboration and innovation.”

In the first stage of its journey Clustermarket has secured a partnership with Merck, the international developer, manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals.

Merck Accelerator says:

“We are delighted to partner with the UK¹s first sharing platform for life Sciences via our Accelerator program. The partnership enables Merck to support the grassroots of scientific research – an area which traditionally has held large financial barriers to entry due to the expensive costs of acquiring lab equipment and expertise.

We are confident the partnership with Clustermarket will enable a whole new shared economy and unprecedented access for life science research, in turn fostering new levels of breakthrough and understanding."

About Clustermarket
Clustermarket is helping scientists, engineers and other technology pioneers to rent lab equipment from nearby institutions and to find the best service providers. The equipment and services listed on Clustermarket are offered by universities, other research institutions and businesses, making research more sustainable.